About Us

About Us

For over 50 years, Chiefline Red Angus has been designed to fit the target for feed yard, packer, retailer, and consumer.

Pure Chiefline Red Angus have proven their superior grass feeding ability, ease of calving, unparalleled efficiency, and unblemished genetic records. We are made for the first calf heifer and consistently deliver superior carcass results. Long term line-bred selection has resulted in concentrated genetics so that when you breed to one of our bulls, you will see a result in you progeny.

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Chiefline females rebreed quicker during stressful conditions such as drought and cold winters.

Relevant Traits

Pure Chiefline Red Angus have proven they are the best pure Red Angus for maternal, fertility and carcass improvement.

Heat Tolerant

Red is more heat tolerant than black and gives great resistance to cancer eye and sun burned udders.


Temperament is the most important trait in Chiefline Red Angus and beef cattle productions.


Chiefline Red Angus cattle have excellent mothering abilities and problem free feet and legs.


Our cattle have high carcass quality with low maintenance.

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